Enjoy the convenience of uninterrupted mobile service at the best rates. We automatically activate a new plan at expiry. Just make sure you have enough credit & we take care of the rest!

Chippie auto-renew

What are the benefits?

Auto renew offers the convenience of automatic renewal of your prepaid mobile plan when it has reached the scheduled expiry date. We take the hassle out of remembering activation codes & your expiry date. This applies to our 3-in-1 bundles and our data-only plans. As long as you have sufficient credit for renewal, your new bundle will be activated automatically.

In a nutshell:

  • No need to remember to activate your plan
  • No need to remember activation codes
  • Always be connected*
  • The flexibility to choose when to stop auto-renew


The flexibility to cancel anytime

You can cancel auto-renew at any time after activation of your data plan. SMS the applicable cancellation code before your plan expires to discontinue auto-renewal on your current plan.

3-in-1 Bundle

Cancellation code

SMS to

2GB B1D STOP 3636
2 GB B7D STOP 3636
2 GB BS STOP 3636
4 GB BM STOP 3636
8 GB BL STOP 3636
12 GB BXL STOP 3636

Data Only Plan

Cancellation code

SMS to

2 GB B1D STOP 3636
12 GB BDO STOP 3636


Auto-renew FAQ's